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ADI AD7625: 16-Bit, 6MSPS PulSAR Differential ADC


What is it?
The AD7625 is a 16-bit, 6MSPS ADC with an internal 4.096V reference and buffer. SNR is 92dB typical and 90dB minimum with a 1MHz input tone, INL is ±2LSB max., DNL is ±1LSBs to guarantee 16-bits no missing codes. The LVDS serial interface allows either self-clocked or echo-clock modes and is specified to a maximum 400MHz clock frequency. The AD7625 is packaged in a 32L LFCSP package (5mmX5mm) and is guaranteed from –40°C to +85°C.

How is it used?
High speed, high channel count applications such as digital x-ray, MRI, CCD/IR cameras will take advantage of the zero latency SAR topology that the AD7625 offers. Other applications are data acquisition, communications and ATE.

What are the key features and customer benefits?
The AD7625 is a complete ADC with internal reference and high speed, serial LVDS bus. Benefits to the customer include low power (150mW at full power, 6MSPS), small package to go along with the high conversion speed. In medical imaging applications one of the key benefits will be reduced patient exposure to x-rays and also a reduction in x-ray film costs.

End Market:
Comms - Other; I & I - Instrumentation; I & I - Medical; Mil / Aero; I & I - Industrial; ATE