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ADI ADE5566/69: Single-Phase Energy Measurement IC with 8052 MCU, RTC, and LCD Driver

What is it?
The ADE5569F62/ADE5566F62 integrates Analog Devices Energy (ADE) Metering IC analog front end and fixed function DSP solution with an enhanced 8052 MCU core, a RTC, an LCD driver and all the peripherals to make an electronic energy meter with LCD display with a single part. The ADE Energy Measurement core includes Active, Reactive (ADE5569 only), Apparent Energy calculations, as well as voltage and current rms measurements. This information is ready to use for energy billing by using built-in energy scalars. Many power line supervisory features like SAG, Peak, and Zero-crossing are also included in the energy measurement DSP to simplify energy meter design. The microprocessor functionality includes a single cycle 8052 core, a Real Time Clock with a power supply back-up pin, a UART, and a SPI or I2C interface. The ready to use information from the ADE core reduces the program memory size requirement thus making it easy to integrate complicated design in 62k Bytes of Flash memory and 2k Bytes of RAM. The ADE5569F62/ADE5566F62 also includes a 108-segment LCD driver. This driver generates voltages capable of driving 5V LCDs.

How is it used?
The energy metering market is moving to electronic solution. LCD meters can be used to display more information than Watt-hour only and also enable Automatic Meter Reading capabilities by including an MCU on board. This added functionality can justify the upgrade of energy meter to electronic by providing to the utility more knowledge on their grid and customers. Liberalization of the energy industry in Europe in 2008 will also accelerate the adoption of such solutions grid and customers. Liberalization of the energy industry in Europe in 2008 will also accelerate the adoption of such solutions.

What are the key features and customer benefits?

* Wide supply voltage operation 2.4 to 3.7V,
* Battery supply input with Automatic switch-over.
* Reference 1.2 V ± 1% (drift 50 ppm/°C Maximum),
* 64-Lead Quad Flat (LQFP) Lead Free Packages,
* Operating Temperature –40°C to 85°C

* High accuracy active energy measurement IC, supports IEC
* 62053-21, 62053-22,
* One current differential input with PGA to support Shunt,
* Current Transformer and di/dt current sensors (ADE5569F62 only),
* Selectable Digital integrator to support di/dt current sensor (ADE5569F62 only),
* Digital parameters for Gain, offset and phase compensation,
* Selectable No-load threshold level for Watt, and VA anti-creep,
* Less than 0.1% error on active energy over a dynamic range of 1000 to 1 @ 25C,
* Less than 0.5% error on rms measurements over a dynamic range of 1000 to 1 for
* current and 100:1 for voltage @ 25C,
* High frequency outputs supply proportional to Irms, active or apparent power,
* Proprietary ADCs and DSP provide high accuracy over large variations in environmental conditions and time, Temperature monitoring

* 8052 based core
  - Single-cycle 4MIPS 8052 core,
  - 8052 compatible instruction set,
  - 32.768 kHz external crystal with on-chip PLL,
  - Two external interrupt sources,
  - External reset pin,
* Real Time Clock
  - Counter for seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, automatic XTAL curvature temperature compensation,
  - Automatic battery switchover for RTC back up,
  - Ultra-Low Battery Supply Current < 1.5µA,
  - Software clock calibration with temperature and offset compensation
* Integrated LCD Driver
  - 108-segment with 2, 3 or 4 Multiplexer,
  - 3V/5V driving capability.
  - Internally generated LCD drive voltages,
  - Temperature and Supply compensated drive voltages
  - Low power battery mode
  - Wake-up from I/O and UART,
  - LCD driver capability
* On-chip peripherals
  - UART, SPI or I2C,
  - Watch-Dog timer,
  - Power Supply Monitoring with User Selectable Levels
  - Memory: 62k Bytes Flash
  - Memory, 2k Bytes RAM
* Development tools
  - Single pin emulation,
  - IDE based assembly and C source debugging