Investor Relations

WPG attend investor conference held by KGI SECURITIES on May 2nd, 2018


1.Date of occurrence of the event:2018/05/02
2.Company name:WPG Holdings Limited
3.Relationship to the Company (please enter ”head office” or
”subsidiaries”):head office
4.Reciprocal shareholding ratios:NA
5.Cause of occurrence:NA
7.Any other matters that need to be specified:
Benefited from growing shipments of 3C, Internet of Things(IoT), automotives
and cloud product, WPG, the distributor of semiconductor components in Asia,
announced Its first quarter 2018 consolidated sales, operating income and
net income exceed forecast. Consolidated sales reached NT$123.412 billion,
represented 3.7% increase over previous year. With optimizing product
portfolios and efficient expense control, operating expenses to sales ratio
was 2.37%, driving operating income reached NT$2.44 billion, represented
6.3% increase over previous year, operating margin was 1.95%. Contribution
from FX gains about NT$0.21 billion, net income grew 2.4% to
NT$1.891 billion. EPS was NT$1.04 per share.
Based on the exchange rate assumption of 1 US dollar to 29.2 NT dollars,
management guides the total sales of second quarter 2018 will be between
NT$127 billion and NT$140 billion, with the gross margin in the range of
4.1%~4.3% and the operating margin between 1.85%~1.98%.
The profit growth has been delivered by continued growing demand of 4G and
3G smart phone, computer, wireless broadband, and cloud servers. Non-3C
segments’contribution such as automotives, industrial electronics and power
saving remained healthy. With increased profit and improving operating
efficiency, key financial indices: Return on Working Capital (ROWC) and ROE
was 10.1% and 14.6% respectively.
Board of Directors also resolved distribution of NT$2.4 cash dividend per
share and NT$0.8 per share for capital reduction. If the annual general
meeting approved both resolutions, shareholders will receive NT$3.2 per
share this year.