Investor Relations

To clarify media report


1.Date of occurrence of the event:2016/09/16
2.Company name:WPG Holdings Limited
3.Relationship to the Company (please enter ”head office” or
”subsidiaries”):head office
4.Reciprocal shareholding ratios:N/A
5.Name of the reporting media:Economic Daily News C4
6.Content of the report:
Institution investors guided the total sales of September 2016 will hit
record high, the total sales of third quarter 2016 will grow 10% over
previous year's NT$142.601 billion.
7.Cause of occurrence:Media report
8.Countermeasures:The report was estimated by the institution investors. For
any information, please refer to Market Observation Posting System (M.O.P.S.)
9.Any other matters that need to be specified:None