Investor Relations

On behalf of WPG subsidiary WPG China Inc. announces the change of the monetary amount of participating in capital increase of CECI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD


1.Date of occurrence of the event:2016/08/25
2.Date of the original public announcement and reporting:2016/07/26
3.Summary of the content originally publicly announced
and reported:
Originally announced total monetary amount:RMB150,000,000 dollars
4.Reason for, and major content of, the change:
Reason for the change:CECI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD adjust registered capital
Major content of the change:total monetary amount change to RMB121,997,438
dollars. Others content announced on July 26th remain unchanged.
5.Effect on the Company's finances and business after the change:None
6.Any other matters that need to be specified:
Date of events is the date eligible for participating in capital increase.