Investor Relations

On behalf of WPG subsidiary Silicon Application Corp. announces Board of Directors resolved to release Directors from non-competition restrictions


1.Date of the shareholders' meeting resolution:2016/06/28
2.Name and title of the director with permission to engage in competitive
K.Y. Chen, Chairman of Silicon Application Corp.
Simon Huang, Chairman of WPG Holdings Limited
Frank Yeh, Chief Executive Officer of WPG Holdings Limited
3.Items of competitive conduct in which the director is permitted to engage:
Director:K.Y. Chen
Director:Simon Huang
Chairman of Genuine C&C Inc.
Director:Frank Yeh
Independent director of BENQ MATERIALS CORP.
Director of Adivic Technology Co., Ltd.
Director of WPG Gain Tune Limited
4.Period of permission to engage in the competitive conduct:
5.Circumstances of the resolution (please describe the results of the voting
under Article 209 of the Company Act):Board of Directors exercised rights of
Shareholders' Meeting under Article 128-1 of the Company Act. This proposal
was unanimously approved by all directors present at Board of Directors
meeting upon Chairman's inquiry.
6.If the permitted competitive conduct is business of a mainland China area
enterprise, the name and title of the director (if it is not business of a
mainland China area enterprise, please enter ”not applicable” below):N/A
7.Company name of the mainland China area enterprise and the director's
position in the enterprise:N/A
8.Address of the mainland China area enterprise:N/A
9.Business items of the mainland China area enterprise:N/A
10.Degree of effect on the Company's finances and business:N/A
11.If the director has invested in the mainland China area enterprise, the
monetary amount of the director's investment and the director's
shareholding ratio:N/A
12.Any other matters that need to be specified:None