About YOSUNg

YOSUN Group Profile

YOSUN was established by Mr. Cheng Wu in May 1980. YOSUN specializes in sales and service of semi-conducting electronic components manufactured more by more than 30 manufacturers around the world including Samsung, STMicroelectronics,  For many years, YOSUN has never strayed from its adherence to its core corporate values of “Trust, Professionalism, and Sustainability” and the company has become the largest distributor of Samsung and STMicroelectronics in the Asia Pacific region. In the future, YOSUN will continue its quest to improve service quality and to provide our clients “A+ Service” and also to, together with our suppliers, expand our market share.

In order to provide service to clients operating in the Asia Pacific region, YOSUN opened its branch in Singapore in 1991 as its front line for the Asia Pacific. By 1995, YOSUN established a subsidiary in Hong Kong as China began to display its endless potential and now YOSUN currently operates  in China.  Besides adding regional establishments, YOSUN had also established distribution centers in Taipei, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore to provide services wherever clients are. 

YOSUN understands the importance of the four fundamental elements (Money, Manpower, Management and MIS) of their business; therefore, internally, YOSUN uses organizational changes and employee training to cultivate top quality talent. YOSUN renews hardware systems when appropriate and continuously refines and enhances its operational procedures and management to strengthen its corporate foundations and to improve service quality. Externally, YOSUN proactively cooperate with suppliers and clients to ensure that suppliers produce products that fulfill clients' requirements and expectations and thus generate successful relationships and a positive future outlook.