About YOSUNg

YOSUN Business Strategy

From A Service Company to A+ Service Company

Yosun’s relentless pursue of excellence

Since its establishment in 1980, not only has Yosun steadily grown and expanded, it has also been part of the history Taiwan's electronic industry and its achievements for the past 25 years. For the next 25 years, Yosun will not only pursue improvement of its operational performance and become an industry leader, but will also become an internationally known corporation and an “A+ Service Company.”

Yosun strives to achieve the six elements of A+ Service: Enthusiasm, Earnestness, Attentiveness, Persistence, Thoughtfulness and Pleasantness. Yosun wishes every Yosun employee, regardless of their position and seniority ,to offer great service from the bottom of our hearts in order to satisfy not only our clients, but also the shareholders, suppliers, and of course, our own employees and their families.


Yosun’s Competitive Advantage:
Comprehensive Product Line, Professional Team of Employees, Financial Liquidity, Meticulous Management, Accurate Information Platform

Yosun’s Core Value:To Provide All-Around Comprehensive Service


Comprehensive Product Line
All of Yosun's major products come from world-leading semiconductor manufacturers. Yosun's high quality products cover various industrial and applications fields including more than 80 electronic industrial categories to satisfy client needs for a one stop shopping solution.
Extraordinary Team and Staff
Yosun's biggest assetsare its highly loyal, highly experienced and highly productive teams of employees. Yosun assigns specialized teams and staff to each and every different brand and market segments in order to maximize management and sales effectiveness and also to reduce product development lead time. Yosun has also established an R&D team to assist clients in their product development and offer solutions.
Liquid Financial Structure
Yosun has earned the utmost trust from investors and financial capital groups in its financial operations and strategic investments; therefore, Yosun is capable of achieving a highly liquid financial structure regardless of the current economic conditions or outlook.
Meticulous Management
Channel distribution is not a high margin business, therefore, the importance of internal management becomes relativelygreater. Yosun has not only established a central logistic management center to completely monitor and improve efficiency, but also utilized the Oracle ERP system to provide flexible and customized program design to reduce internal waste and improve overall operational performance.

Accurate Information Platform

One of the value's of a channel distributor is to provide real-time service. In order to satisfy our clients needs, Yosun has established many regional offices and warehouses, and set up a shared information platform to offer fast and convenient information acquisition and help our clients to make accurate decisions. Moreover, after years of effort Yosun has successfully completed its Oracle ERP system platform integration to offer an even greater resource management efficiency. In the near future Yosun will promote a B to B network platform between Yosun and its clients in order to further enhance Yosun's services.

Yosun's Core Value
Clients are the lifeblood of any business, therefore, the existence of a business is based upon the need and trust of its clients. Yosun relentlessly pursues opportunities to raise clients' satisfaction levels and after years of effort, Yosun has already identified its business core value of “offering quality service.” From years of effort and investment in both tangible and intangible assets, Yosun not only wants to become a successful company in terms of financial performance, but also an “A+ Service Company”