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YOSUN Group Environmental Statement

Yosun Industrial Corp. and its affiliates (including but not limited to RichPower Electronic Devices Co., Ltd., collectively referred to as the “YOSUN Group”) would like to thank our customers (“You”) for your continued support. The YOSUN Group is deeply honored that you have chosen us as your fulfillment partner and appreciates the working relationship that has been fostered successfully over the years. As part of its environmental initiative, the YOSUN Group is working with its principals to provide more information on product compliance with the European Union Directives: WEEE, RoHS, PFOS, REACH, the IEC HF Requirement and the China RoHS Regulation.

1. As a distributor, the YOSUN Group does not participate in the manufacturing process and therefore has no actual knowledge of the specific substances contained in and/or used in the manufacturing process of any product (“Product”) supplied to You. The YOSUN Group may only rely on the warranties and representations made by the relevant manufacturer (“Manufacturer”). In order to assist you in navigating the information available, the YOSUN Group has provided a summary of hyperlinks which will bring you to the official website of the Manufacturer, as well as the Vendor Statements and/or the independent third party analysis report, which may be downloaded from this site. The Manufacturer websites, along with the Vendor Statements are updated and maintained by the applicable Manufacturer. The YOSUN Group makes no representation nor warranty as to the form nor content of such websites or Vendor Statements maintained or issued by the Manufacturer or independent third party analysis report.

2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in the event of any discrepancy (“Discrepancy”) between the Product supplied and any content specifications (“Specification”) as described in the official website, Vendor Statement or independent third party analysis report posted hereon, subject to and insofar as the same is represented and warranted by the Manufacturer, the YOSUN Group shall liaise with the Manufacturer for any remedial action in order to hold You harmless from any loss, or damage (excluding consequential or indirect loss or damage, lost profits, economic loss and/or punitive damages) caused by such Discrepancy. You are aware and acknowledge that the obligation described herein is the sole responsibility and/or liability undertaken by the YOSUN Group in respect of any Discrepancy and shall surpass any and all liability, past, now and future, agreed upon by the parties.

3. If the hyperlink for any Product is not shown on this website, please refer to the Specification provided by the Manufacturer to the YOSUN Group. In the event of any discrepancy between the Specification, the information on the website of the relevant Manufacturer, the Vendor Statement and/or the third party analysis report posted on this website, the Specification shall prevail.

4. YOSUN shall not be liable to You nor to any third party should You continue to purchase Product which contains substances in contravention of the aforesaid Directives, Requirement and Regulation.