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Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things


Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things


The Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT offers companies a key building block to enable the connectivity of legacy industrial devices and next generation intelligent infrastructure to the IoT. It integrates technologies and protocols for networking, embedded control, enterprise-grade security, and easy manageability on which application specific software can run.

The Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT enables:

  • Connectivity up to the cloud and enterprises.
  • Connectivity down to sensors and existing controllers embedded in the system.
  • Pre-process filtering of selected data for delivery.
  • Local decision making, enabling easy connectivity to legacy systems.
  • A hardware root of trust, data encryption, and software lockdown for security.
  • Local computing for in-device analytics.


An Integrated, Pre-Validated, and Complete Solution

The Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT offers a proven solution pre-validated on industry-leading software—that delivers an application-ready platform.

The solution includes:

  • Choice of Intel® processors for the development kits: Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000, Intel® Quark™ SoC X1020D and    Intel® Atom™ processor E3826
  • Wind River* Intelligent Device Platform XT development environment
  • McAfee Embedded Control security technologies
  • The Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT are built on open architecture to ensure interoperability between systems,   enable wide application development, and allow easy services deployment. 


Integrated and validated components allow maximum flexibility and fast application development and deployment to the field.

Wind River* Intelligent Device Platform XT

Connectivity, manageability, and security are core building blocks to IoT. Intelligent Device Platform XT provides an integrated, pre-validated stack of software, drivers for a wide range of hardware components, libraries, and tools to support these core services. The software enables flexibility for developers to quickly build enterprise-grade intelligent systems for a large number of applications. Intelligent Device Platform XT supports the following:

  • Manageability – Intelligent Device Platform XT enables long-term secure remote manageability to simplify   deployment, maintenance, and management of remote devices. The software supports industry-standard   interfaces,including Open Management Alliance Device Management (OMA DM), Technical Report 069 (TR-069), and web-based configuration interfaces.


  • Communications and Connectivity – To enable connectivity over the widest range of communications   technologies, Intelligent Device Platform XT supports both wireless and wired links. The software includes drivers   for a number of hardware vendors’ products and software to support Cellular 2G/3G/4G,   Bluetooth, Serial, USB,   Virtual Private Network (VPN), Wi-Fi Access Point, the MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT)   messaging protocol, and   ZigBee.


  • Security – Intelligent Device Platform XT provides strong support for secure image, secure data, and secure   management, helping protect the device and data from boot to operations and management. The software supports   comprehensive device protection, from a hardware root of trust through boot and software loading, and offers a wide   array of protocols and services, including secure boot, whitelisting with McAfee Embedded Control, secure storage,   and more.


  • Runtime Environments – Intelligent Device Platform XT supports applications written in a variety of environments,   including Lua, Java, and OSGi, to enable portable, scalable, and reusable application development for solutions   based on the Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT platform. Intelligent Device Platform XT provides the foundation for fast   development of intelligent system solutions on industry standards using a proven software stack.


McAfee Embedded Control

Integrated with the Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT platform, McAfee Embedded Control maintains system integrity by allowing only authorized code to run (application whitelisting) and only authorized changes to be made (change control). It simultaneously protects embedded system integrity and automates the enforcement of software change control policies.


Application Whitelisting

The software automatically creates a dynamic whitelist of the allowed code on the platform. Once the whitelist is created and enabled, the system is locked down to the known good baseline;
no program or code outside the authorized set can run, and no unauthorized changes can be made. McAfee Embedded Control shields applications and related binaries at the kernel level—protecting files on disk or in memory, helping prevent malware and zero-day exploits, and minimize the need to patch the environment.


Change Control

McAfee Embedded Control only allows policy-based changes that are expected and authorized. The software monitors files and prevents unexpected changes while logging any attempts. It provides complete visibility and accountability through the automated, continuous collection of audit data. Using the data collected by McAfee Embedded Control, one can verify that no changes have been made to critical system files, directories, or registries, and then report these findings to regulatory officials to help meet compliance requirements.


Intel Gateway Solutions for IoT

Key Benefits

  • Delivers an integrated, pre-validated, and flexible open-compute gateway platform, including foundational    hardware, software, and security building blocks to allow fast solution development and deployment.
  • Enables building scalable solutions with standards-based interfaces to securely connect and aggregate data from   the edge to the cloud.
  • Enables business innovation on proven technologies across computer, communications, manageability, and   security.



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