About SACg

SAC Business Strategy

Our business strategy
We have positioned ourselves as a Magnificent semiconductor distributor. We provide highest quality services in the semiconductor supply chain. To our upstream suppliers, we are the distributor and receive the relevant technologies; to our downstream companies, we provide technical support design-in, total solutions and storage services so as to reach the goals of JIT (Just in time) and BTO (Build to order).

Our Executive Team
90% of this company’s staff members have at least college degrees. Each of them fulfills the responsibility of his post and dedicate himself to serving our clients. Our management team is highly proficient, and its members have over 15 years of experience in the market of IC, photonic elements and clients under the guidance of our proficient management and through our outstanding teamwork; we also have various types of training programs so as to ensure that our staff members are well trained; our aims are to keep on excelling and to face up the severe business competition with flexibility.

The Benchmarket of Distribution

Shared Values:
Teamwork, Integrity, Professionalism, Effectiveness

•Shared values of the WPG Group always come first. Should there be a conflict of interests, personal bias, prejudice and motivation must be sacrificed to put the interest of the team ahead of the individual.
•Integration among the organization’s structural functions in teams, companies and regions must be strengthened and accelerated.
•No distinctions or prejudices in nationalities or regions are to be made. Fairness and equal advantages prevail.

•To become the priority choice of stakeholders including clients, manufacturers and shareholders.
•To construct a learning environment wherein the self is continually improved and the group is continually enhanced.
•To focus on core operations and execute accordingly.

•Justified, clean and proper operations
•Enthusiastic and dedicated service. Promises should not be made lightly but commitments must be taken seriously. Once spoken, commitments must be fulfilled.
•Transparency in actions and deeds. Courageously admit mistakes and take steps to immediately right the wrongs.

•Highlighting on output and quality productivity and arriving at a balance between the two.
•Quantifying objectives, being meticulous with details, clear on execution and strict on the completion and fulfillment of objectives.
•Setting up a standard operating procedure so as to tolerate mistakes but not repetition of mistakes.