N25Q064A13ESED0(F/G) / N25Q064A13ESFD0(F/G) / N25Q128A13ESED0(F/G) /N25Q128A13ESFD0(F/G)




Improved Erase/Program performance
a) Is the definitive solution to cover both Embedded and PC bios requirements
b) It offer better performance on both 4kB and 64Kb sectors granularity and 100kcycle on both 64kB and 4kB.(add also 32kB support)


PC BIOS / Industry / Networking


Competitive program and erase performance (maintaining 100k cycles endurance).
New 64Mb N25Q in production now (MPN N25Q064A13ExxD)
Current part number will continue to be available for existing customers
Updated existing 128Mb N25Q
All 128Mb production will be upgraded with enhanced performance starting from September 2014.