‧軟啟動, 無過沖。
‧12V / 待機控制: 在次級控制輸出電壓. 電流模式
‧數位控制:見框圖 (啟動, 正常工作, 保護, 待機模式)
‧輸出驅動器:12V / 待機. 集成驅動器
‧高標準的保護, OCP, OVP, UVP (UVLO)
Control IC for an active clamp forward converter.


80+ compliant PC’s, Small form factor PC, Consumer box size Media Center PCs, PC server


The TEA1782 is designed to cooperate with the TEA1771 primary side controller in a unique converter topology based on the forward converter. On the secondary side the output voltages are regulated via so called bi-directional switches.A typical aplication area of this converter is a power supply for a desktop PC, also referred to as ATX power supplies or Silverbox.