• Wide Input Voltage Range from 4.5 V to 45 V
• Constant Current or Constant Voltage Regulation
• Drives LEDs in Boost, Buck, Buck-Boost, SEPIC and Flyback Topology
• Very Low Shutdown Current: I q_OFF < 10 µA
• Flexible Switching Frequency Range, 100 kHz to 500 kHz
• Synchronization with external clock source
• PWM Dimming
• Analog Dimming feature to adjust average •LED current
• Internal 5 V Low Drop Out Voltage Regulator
• Open Circuit Detection
• Output Overvoltage Protection
• Internal Soft Start
• Over Temperature Shutdown
• Wide LED current range via simple adaptation of external components
• 300mV High Side Current Sense to ensure highest flexibility and LED current accuracy
• Available in a small thermally enhanced PG-
• SSOP-14 package


DRL, Fog, Front Lighting


The TLD5097EL is a smart LED boost controllers with built in protection and diagnostic features. The main function of these devices is to step-up (boost) the output voltage and regulate a constant LED current. The TLD5097EL offers a status pin for diagnostic purpose and a set pin to adjust the average LED current so called analog dimming.