TS80000 (TX) ::零件採購::大聯大控股


TS80000 (TX)




• RISC-based controller core with flash and SRAM memory
• Two 12-bit A/D converters
• DMA controller
• Three 16-bit timers, each with up to 4 IC/OC/PWM or pulse
• Dual 16-bit PWM timers with dead-time generation
• 3 AGPIO and 5 GPIO for application customization
• I2C or UART interface
• USB interface
• 36 pin 6x6 QFN
• Supports Qi®, PMA and proprietary charging applications
• Power outputs up to 40W+
• Support for single and multi-coil applications
• Support for half and full-bridge power sections
• Support for variable voltage, variable frequency and variable duty cycle architectures
• Integrated controller and flash for communications and control
• High precision data converters
• Precise control of bridge duty cycle and frequency
• Low external component count


Qi® , PMA and non-standard wireless chargers for:
Cell Phones and Smartphones
GPS Devices
Digital Cameras
Tablets and eReaders
Portable Lighting
Industrial applications
Automotive chargers
OEM in-cabin chargers
Charging accessories


TS80000是一個功率發射器通信和用於無線充電的應用控制單元 ,可以支持輸出功率高達40W+,並支持Qi®兼容,兼容PMA和專有應用程序。