High-Performance, Single Synchronous Step-Down Controller ::零件採購::大聯大控股


High-Performance, Single Synchronous Step-Down Controller




• Multiple VIN rails and battery configurations
• Supports ASIC, uP, and DDR core regulation
• Tight Output Voltage Accuracy
• No loop compensation simplifies design
• Designs requiring High Eff at light loads
• Eliminates Pre-Bias issues
• Complete Control, Protection & Sequencing Built in auto recovery


• Notebook/Netbook PCs
• Servers
• Embedded PCs
• POS Terminals
• Switches, Routers


The TPS51211 is a small-sized single buck controller with adaptive on-time D-CAP™ Mode. The device is suitable for low output voltage, high current, PC system power rail and similar point-of-load (POL) power supply in digital consumer products. A small package with minimal pin-count saves space on the PCB, while a dedicated EN pin and pre-set frequency minimize design effort required for new designs. The skip-mode at light load condition, strong gate drivers and low-side FET RDS(on) current sensing supports low-loss and high efficiency, over a broad load range. The conversion input voltage which is the high-side FET drain voltage ranges from 3 V to 28 V and the output voltage ranges from 0.7 V to 2.6 V. The device requires an external 5-V supply.