● 4.00mm*3.00mm*1.06mm surface-mount package
● Stable sensitivity over power supply range of 1.65V-3.63V
● SNR of 61dB(A)
● Sensitivity of −26dB FS
● Multi Chip Module (MCM) Package

The ZTS6031 is a high quality, low cost, low power
digital output top-ported omni-directional MEMS
microphone. ZTS6031 consists of a MEMS microphone
element and a preamplifier. ZTS6031 has a high SNR and
flat wideband frequency response with ±2dB in 7KHz.
Sensitivity is a single tone distribution in a narrow
window with under ±1dB, resulting in natural sound
with high intelligibility. Due to built-in filter, ZTS6031
shows high immunity to EMI.


● Mobile telephones
● PDAs
● Digital video cameras
● Portable media devices with audio input


ZTS6031是一款高质量,低成本,低功耗的产品数字输出顶端全向MEMS麦克风。 ZTS6031由一个MEMS麦克风组成元素和前置放大器。 ZTS6031具有较高的信噪比平均宽带频率响应,在7KHz±2dB。灵敏度是一个狭窄的单色分布窗口低于±1dB,产生自然的声音具有高清晰度。 由于内置滤波器,ZTS6031对EMI具有很高的免疫力。