ALCOR Micro推出Single Lun card reader & USB2.0 Hub-Reader Controller解决方案:

 Single Lun card reader

1、SD spec up to v3.0 (SDXC) ,MMC spec up to v4.5 (HC-MMC)

2、External clock source selection

3、Built in Resonator (6465R)

USB2.0 Hub-Reader Controller

Supports 1~3 downstream port.

Built-in 5V to 3.3V/1.8V regulator.



 DC-DC BUCK Converter

AME5248/5248A 1.5MHz, 600mA Synchronous Buck Converter

AME5248/5248A产品为600mA的脉波宽度调变/脉波频率调变同步降压直流-直流转换器(PWM/PFM Synchronous Buck DC-DC Converter),100%责任周期(Duty Cycle)提供低压降(Low Dropout)操作,最高效率可达95%。极低负载时,AME5248/5248A自动进入脉波频率调变(Pulse Frequency Modulation)以维持输出稳压,加上20μA的静态电流与Enable Function来支持省电模式,以上特性皆可延长可携式系统的电池运作寿命。固定1.5MHz的开关切换频率,可以在设计时使用较小型滤波组件,非常适合轻薄小巧的便携设备。


 AME5252 Dual Synchronous, 600mA, 1.5MHz Step-Down DC/DC Converter

AME5252产品为600mA的双输出同步切换降压直流-直流转换器(PWM Synchronous Buck DC-DC Converter),具备更高效能并节省电路板空间,固定1.5MHz的开关切换频率,可以在设计时使用较小型滤波组件,非常适合轻薄小巧的便携设备。2.5V至5.5V输入电压范围,适合使用于单一锂电池供电的应用上。AME5252操作在电流模式下,有100%责任周期(Duty Cycle)提供低压降(Low Dropout) ,其高效率可96%,可操作温为–40°C~125°C,并内建软开机功能。

 Low Dropout Voltage Regulator

在PMP内部组件会运用到许多不同的LDO来供应所需的电压电流,对此AME许多的对应解决方案。AME8822提供固定电压1.2~3.3V、250mA电流输出、静态电流约为30uA、低噪声、高PSRR为65dB,并提供Enable Function,让客户有Power-Saving Mode的选择应用。AME8818有固定电压与可调式输出两种,输出范围为1.2~4.5V、300mA电流输出、PSRR约为60dB,并提供Enable & Bypass Function,让客户有Power-Saving Mode与低噪声的选择应用。AME8805提供固定电压1.3~5.0V、600mA电流输出、静态电流约为30uA。AME8815为输入2.7~7V、固定输出电压1.5~5.0V、1.5A电流输出、静态电流约为45uA.

 AMOTECH 推出ESD / EMI全系列解决方案:

 ESD 全系列解决方案:

一、USB3.0,USB2.0 / eSATA2,eSATA3 / LAN / Antenna I/O AMOTECH ESD solution:
    1、产品名称 AIES12U 02 0R2
    2、产品规格 0402, Contact discharge 8KV, Air discharge 15KV, 0.2pF
    3、产品特性 ESD protection with very high speed interface.

二、HDMI AMOTECH ESD solution :
    1、产品名称 AIES 12U 02 0R2 /AMES 12U 04Q 0R2
    2、产品规格 0402, Contact discharge 8KV, Air discharge 15KV, 0.2pF
    3、产品特性 ESD protection with very high speed interface.

 三、Digital Output AMOTECH ESD solution :

1、产品名称 ADUC 10S 02 1R1 /AMES 12U 04Q 0R2
2、产品规格 0402, Contact discharge 8KV, Air discharge 15KV, 1.1Pf

3、产品特性 Ultra Low capacitance Chip Varistor .

 四、A/V Output / TV,VCR(Scart) / RS232 AMOTECH ESD solution :

1、产品名称 ADUC 30S 03 010
2、产品规格 0603, Contact discharge 8KV, Air discharge 15KV, pF
3、产品特性 Ultra Low capacitance Chip Varistor .

EMI 解决方案:

一、USB2.0 Amotech EMI solution (CMF) 

1、产品名称 ACFL 1A 2M 900E
2、产品规格 0504
3、产品特性 EMI solution for high speed differential transmission (Mbps)

二、USB3.0 / HDMI Amotech EMI solution (CMF)

1、产品名称 ACFT 4A 2G 120 E

2、产品规格 0804,
3、产品特性 EMI solution for high speed differential transmission (Gbps)

 Amotech提供绝佳的静电保护措施,除了RGB / D-SUB的一般影像传输之外,在HDMI、USB 2.0、USB 3.0的部份亦提供包括Single type与Array type的对策,最高速度可支持到8G bps,并且不造成数据失真。

ASES12U020R2 1ch
ESD保护组件 可用于高速传输的接口,如USB2.0, USB3.0, eSATA2, eSATA3, HDMI1.3 HDMI1.4等
AMES12U04Q0R2 4ch
ESD保护组件 可用于高速传输的接口 HDMI.


EUTECH (德信科技) 推出电源及音频放大器解决方案:



Step-Up DC To DC(Boost)EUP2624A、EUP2627、EUP2410

DDR TerminationEUP7996、EUP7997、EUP7998

Lithium Battery ChargerEUP8075、EUP8207

Power SwitchEUP3545/A、EUP3546




Everlight (亿光电子)推出Visible LED Components产品解决LEDs方案:

 Visible LED Components产品包含下列各系列产品:

High Power LED

Low - Mid Power LED


Super Flux LEDs

LED Lamps

LED Digital Displays

Signage LEDs


Galtronics(加利电子)推出Antenna Solutions解决方案:

 加利电子推出Antenna Solutions是提供性价比优质化,采用高性能客制化的产品,协助客户缩短天线设计的时间,加利电子有BT、WiFi、GPS、GSM、WCDMA、HSDPA、HSDPA-Plus、LTE…等相关产品多年设计开发经验。


iDESYN (益力半导体)推出MP3电源解决方案:



Nuvoton (新唐科技)推出NCU501个人媒体播放器解决方案:

 Nuvoton (新唐科技)推出NUC501,将针对较复杂的应用而设计。NUC501不同于一般微控制器带有嵌入式内存,新唐科技采用外接SPI Flash,而这样的设计可扩充内存,有别于之前业者宣称可达1美元价格的32位微控制器,内存仅8KB,读写容量太小,但NUC501采用SPI Flash既可达到扩充内存目的且花费成本也低,而这也是新唐科技近期重要的技术展现,客户用于PND GPS数据纪录,透过高容量的SPI Flash进行储存,SPI Flash可当数据及程序代码储存,节省客户端零件成本上的花费。


1、ARM7TDMI @ 81MHz

2、32KB high-speed SRAM

3、Extensible XIP @ SpiMemory

二、Technology & Package

▪      0.18um CMOS, 2.8 ~ 3.3-volt single supply ,Power current

▪      RoHS-compliant package: LQFP-48 (NUC501AN), LQFP-64 (NUC501BN)


1、8-ch 10-bit ADC

2、16-bit Sigma-Delta mono DAC


4、1.8V LDO for VDD core


1、SPI x 2, I2Cx1, UART x 2 (TXD, RXD, CTS, RTS)

2、24-bit WDT, 4-ch PWM output

3、Capture & Compare PWM input x 8

4、Up to 37 programmable I/O (LQFP-64)

5、USB2.0 FS Device

6、Data write-back & content download @ SpiFlash

7、Embedded RTC with independent power

8、Direct sink LED (16mA) x 8

9、Crypto engine with OTP key for code security

五、Operating current (All IP enable)

1、24MHz:            10mA(1.8V)/2.3mA(3.3V)

2、48MHz:            18mA(1.8V)/2.3mA(3.3V)

3、72MHz:            23mA(1.8V)/2.3mA(3.3V)

4、81MHz:            26mA(1.8V)/2.3mA(3.3V)

六、Power down current

1、VDD33:             around 0.5uA

2、Core 1.8V:           under 50Ua

七、Development Environment



SiTime推出Ultra performance oscillators系列解决 1MHz to 220 MHz Oscillator 方案

LVCMOS/LVTTL Compatible Oscillators

SiTime's ultra performance oscillators deliver 0.6 ps phase jitter (12 kHz to 20 MHz) and ±10ppm stability. These devices are the first MEMS timing solutions to exceed the stringent SONET clocking requirements, and are ideal for applications in telecom, networking and storage. They are 100% drop-in replacements for crystal oscillators and third-overtone oscillators.

They support:

       1、Frequencies from 1 MHz to 220 MHz with 6 decimal places of accuracy

       2、1.8V, 2.5V to 3.3V operation

       3、Industry standard footprints – 2520, 3225, 5032 and 7050 packages

4、Industrial and extended commercial temperature ranges








Winbond (华邦电子)推出Memory最佳之解决方案:

Winbond Specialty DRAM Strategy

Focus on Non-PC Main Memory

_ Winbond runs “zero” PC main DRAM Biz with Winbond Branded products

_ Over 75% of W/W DRAM demand is from PC main memory

_ Long-term support with stable supply and the most advance technology

_ Complete Specialty DRAM Solution Provider

_ Density : 16~256M SDR, 64~256M DDR, 128M~1G DDR2

_ Speed : Up to 200MHz for SDR, 250MHz for DDR1, 533MHz for DDR2

_ I-temp Support with all 90nm SDR/DDR products

_ x16 / x32 ; 1.8V support for SDR/DDR

_ Support BGA (60/90/144 ball) Package

_ Support KGD business with RDL solution

_ (Many Successful Stories)

_ To Expand Market Share of Specialty DRAM aggressively

Winbond Flash Memory Strategy

Winbond is well positioned for Serial Flash Market growth

Primary focus and market advantage is Serial Flash

Wide range of SpiFlash® Memories (1Mb to 128Mb)

Superior features, Industry’s highest performance

First to introduce Dual and Quad Serial Flash

Complimentary Parallel Flash Memories

Spansion compatible (16Mb to 32Mb)

Strong Manufacturing Resources

Competitive cost, new 90nm Technology

In-house test, Known Good Die (KGD) capability

Ample wafer capacity

SpiFlash® W25Q Quad-SPI Family

Next Generation Serial Flash

Introduced in Aug 2007

Worlds First Quad SPI Serial Flash

25Q16 and 25Q32 in 130nm technology

SPI, Dual-SPI and Quad-SPI

Uniform 4KB, 32KB & 64KB erase

Industry’s Highest Performance

80MHz clock, 320MHz equiv. with Quad-SPI (40MB/S)

>6X the performance of most Serial Flash,

Execute code from SPI (XIP) or Faster Boot-up (Code Shadow)

Security and other Features

Lock-down & OTP write protect, 64-bit ID# (special order)

Erase suspend/resume, Quad ProgrammingB

New SpiFlash® W25Q “B” Series

Winbond’s next generation SpiFlash family

W25Q16B and W25Q64B are first in a family of 1M to 128M-bit

Single, Dual and Quad SPI interface in one device

Advanced 90nm Winbond Technology and Features

First Serial Flash supplier with 90nm from 12” fab

Packaging: First 64M-bit to fit in low-cost 8-pin SO package

Performance: 104MHz Quad-SPI is industry highest

Programming: 100% faster (reduces customer test time and application updates)

Voltage Options: 3.3V, 2.5V and 1.8V operation

New Features: Erase/Write-Suspend/Resume, OTP Security, Burst-with-Wrap

Compatibility: Use for existing SPI, as well as new Dual and Quad SPI designs

Page 17

W19B Parallel Flash Family

16Mb & 32Mb Densities

2.7~3.6 Volt, x8/x16

70 ns Access Time

Single Bank Architecture

Top or Bottom Boot Block

48-Pin TSOP (12x20mm) Package

Compatible with:

Spansion-29 series

MXIC-29 series

STM-29 series

Atmel-49 series

SST-39 series