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KSI(Kingston Solutions Inc.)推出eMMC Flash...等系列产品


诠鼎集团代理的Kingston Solutions Inc.(KSI)Focus在Embedded Memory系列产品从设计、开发、生产到贩卖,包含:eMMC Flash、Mobile DRAM、MCP。KSI的诞生结合美商金士顿科技在memory市场品牌通路以及全球采购优势,且结合群联科技在controller know how技术、专利。并结合MCP专业封测厂:力成科技构成完整的生产链。eMMC Flash产品设计开发以及生产制造基地都在台湾,营销服务策略上KSI可以实时提供亚洲客户:Stable supply、On-site service and Product flexibility。

多种产品可以应用于Mobile Phone and other Handheld Devices、.Portable Media Players(MP3,Video/Photo)、Digital Still and Video Cameras、PMP, PND、Tablet PC 

产品规格 :

Packaged NAND flash memory with e•MMCTM 4.41 interface

■2, 4,8,16 and 32 Gbytes of data storage

■Compliant with e•MMCTM Specification Ver 4.41

■Full backward compatibility with previous e•MMCTM Ver4.3 system specification

■Bus mode

  • High-speed MultiMediaCard protocol
  • Provide variable clock frequencies of 0-20 MHz, 0-26 MHz (default) , 0-52MHz(high Speed)
  • Support three different data bus widths :1 bit, 4 bits, 8 bits
  • Data transfer rate: up to 52Mbyte/s (using 8 parallel data lines at 52 MHz)

■Operating voltage range :

  • VCCQ = 1.8 V/3.3 V
  • VCC = 3.3 V

■Operating temperature range: –25C° to +85C°

■System Performance

  • Multiple block read (x8 at 52MHz) : up to 28Mbyte/s
  • Multiple block write (x8 at 52MHz) : up to 14Mbyte/s

■Package :

  • 11.5mmx 13mm x 1.2mm (2GB)
  • 12mmx 16mm x 1.2mm (4GB, 8GB, 16GB)
  • 14mmx 18mm x 1.4mm (32GB)


Support (Alternate) Boot Operation Mode to provide a simple boot sequence method

■Host initiated explicit sleep mode for power saving

■Enhanced Write Protection with Permanent and Partial protection options

■Support Background Operations & High Priority Interrupt (HPI)

■Support enhanced storage media feature for better reliability

■Error free memory access

  • Internal error correction code (ECC) to protect data communication
  • Internal enhanced data management algorithm
  • Solid protection of sudden power failure safe-operations for data content


  • Support secure erase, secure trim and secure bad block erase commands
  •  Enhanced write Protection with permanent and partial protection options