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Amphenol First Printed Circuit Connector with High-Density Modular Design


This very high density connector is made up of modules that can be freely assembled and held together by two stainless steel outer strips. The modules can be equipped with traditional electrical signal contacts (3 amps), or coaxial, optical fiber, or power contacts, depending on the designers' electronic requirements. Up to 11 modules can be aligned in HiLinx, taking into account two end modules containing the guides/codes and fastenings.

The stacking layout, without any loss of contact, provides full continuity in contact alignment. This means that the connector obtained is 100 percent compatible with well-known standard one-piece connectors (M55302/190 to /193).

The spacing between signal contacts is 1.905mm, in staggered rows. The modules can contain 2, 3, 4, or 6 rows. The signal contacts use the Starclip principle, which provides unique tried-and-tested characteristics of reliability, in compliance with standard MIL DTL 55302, as amended concerning vibrations and shocks (2 ns in electrical continuity).

For example, hybrid interconnections can be made using the RADSOK® power contacts. The 3.6mm diameter male contacts can withstand a 70 amp current while taking up very little room, using modules with 3 rows of signal contacts.

HiLinx provides full compatibility with standard M55302. This connector is designed for harsh environments, with an admissible temperature range of -65°C to +150°C, and a 96-hour salt-spray resistance. It stands up to shocks and vibration as set out in the 2004 and 2005 SAE AS 13441 test method.

The main applications are in the aeronautics, medical, automation, oil exploration, and military markets. HiLinx facilitates design work for printed circuit connections and reduces the number of components, while providing maximum levels of performance and reliability. It can often constitute a more compact, less expensive solution.

For more information, contact Amphenol Socapex, 948 promenade de l'Arve, 74300 Thyez, France; or visit