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ADI ADN4661: Single, 3 V, CMOS, LVDS, High Speed Differential Driver


What is it?
The ADN4661 is a single, CMOS, Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) line driver offering data rates of over 600 Mbps (300 MHz), and ultra low power consumption. It features a flow-through pin out for easy PCB layout and separation of input and output signals. The device accepts low voltage TTL/CMOS logic signals and converts them to a differential current output of typically ±3.1mA for driving a transmission medium such as twisted-pair cable. The transmitted signal develops a differential voltage of typically ±355 mV across a termination resistor at the receiving end.

How is it used?
* Backplane Data Transmission
* Cable Data Transmission
* Clock Distribution
* High Speed Point-to-point LVDS Interfaces

What are the key features and customer benefits?
* ±15 kV ESD protection on output pins
* 600 Mbps (300 MHz) switching rate
* Flow-through pin out simplifies PCB layout
* 300 ps typical differential skew
* 700 ps maximum differential skew
* 1.5 ns maximum propagation delay
* 3.3 V power supply
* ±355 mV differential signaling
* Low power dissipation (23 mW typical)
* Interoperable with existing 5V LVDS receivers
* Conforms to TIA/EIA-644 LVDS Standard
* Industrial operating temperature range (–40°C to +85°C)
* Available in surface mount (SOIC) package

End Market:
Comms - Broadband; Comms - Other; I & I - Instrumentation; Comms - WireLess; Comp - Servers; Comms - Optical; I & I - Industrial; Other