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NXP introduces first software programmable core for high definition video processing
PNX1005 video DSP delivers improved image and data capture for security and videoconferencing applications


NXP, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, today announced the availability of its latest fully software programmable media processor optimized for high-definition video processing and picture improvement. The NXP PNX1005 supports programmable signal processing for high-definition video compression, decompression, analysis and improvement, all at a competitive price point. Developers will now be able to improve capture and processing of data in audio/video conferencing, security and surveillance (CCTV), and other professional high-end video applications.

“As businesses look to cut costs in light of the economic downturn, many are seeking alternatives to cut down on travel expenses. Video- and audio conferencing has emerged as a cost-effective and environmentally sound option for uniting workforces,” said Krishna Sai, Vice President of Engineering, Polycom. “NXP’s innovative audio and video processing technology enables Polycom to enhance the quality of audio and video communication, allowing employees to work more efficiently regardless of location.”

To meet growing demand for delivery, storage and analysis of high quality video content, the PNX1005 features a powerful core optimized for multiple video compression standards such as MPEG-4, MJPEG and H.264, the latest compression standard used in advanced security and surveillance systems and video conferencing. The product features easy-to-use tools integrated into a graphical development environment, and allows the developer to move quickly from algorithm to optimized implemenation.

“NXP is committed to providing customers with innovative products that deliver the best possible video and audio processing and picture quality,” said Mark Samuel, general manager, cable and IP-STB business, NXP Semiconductors. “As a leader in the TV chip market, we’re pleased to offer the PNX1005 to enable enhanced capturing and processing of video data with optimized cost/performance.”

Built on NXP’s strong experience in developing vibrant media technology, the PNX1005 leverages the latest advanced 400 MHz TriMedia TM3282 CPU core with an instruction set highly optimized for media processing, such as picture optimization and video compression. Robust video inputs support up to 1080p/60p or 8 channels SD and video outputs support 1080p/60 or dual SD. Additional features of the PNX1005 include:
‧H.264/MPEG/MJPEG 720p/30fps, dual channel D1/30fps or 8 channel CIF or D1/5fps encoding or decoding
‧Powerful multimedia instructions for entropy coding, motion estimation and others
‧8 issue slot VLIW core supporting both fixed and floating point arithmetic
‧On-chip, independent, DMA units perform I/O, co-processing, scaling, advanced de-interlacing, color space conversion, Bayer pattern conversion, etc.


The NXP PNX1005 is sampling now, and will be available for purchase globally beginning Q2 2009. For more information, please visit
Pricing is $22 for volume quantities.