• High Efficiency 5A, 1.5MHz witching Charger with Output Inductor DFE252012F, TOKO
 Charging Efficiency 90.25% at ICHG = 2A
 Charging Efficiency 88.86% at ICHG = 3A
 Charging Efficiency 84.2% at ICHG = 5A
• Synchronous 1.5MHz/0.75MHz Fixed-Frequency PWM Controller with Up to 95% Duty Cycle
• Power Path Management by BATFET Control
• Support High Voltage Input (9V / 12V)
• Support High Voltage Input Adapter (Pump Express 1.0/2.0)
• Support IR Compensation Function from Charger Output to Cell Terminal
• Optimize Input Sourcing Capability to Prevent Overload
 AICR Current Limit Setting via I2C
 ILIM Pin for Current Limit Setting
 Average Input Current Limit Measurement
• Shipping Mode for Battery Leakage Reduction
Wake Up System, Exit Shipping Mode, and ResetSystem by QON Pin
• Automatic Charging
• Average Input Current Regulation (AICR) :0.1A to 3.25A in 50mA Steps
• Charge Current Regulation Accuracy : ± 7%
• Charge Voltage Regulation Accuracy : ± 1% (0 to 85°C)
• Protection for Overall System Considerations
Thermal Regulation for Current Reduction andOver-Temperature Protection
Input Over-Voltage Protection
Input Bad Adapter Protection
Battery Over-Voltage Protection
• Support ADC Conversion for VBUS, VBAT, VSYS, REGN, TS_BAT, IBUS, IBAT,TEMP_JC
• INT Output for Communication with Host Through I2C (Watch Dog / Polling Function)


• Cellular Telephones
• Personal Information Appliances
• Tablet PC, Power Bank
• Portable Instruments


The RT9467 is a switch-mode single cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery charger for portable applications. It integrates a synchronous PWM controller, power MOSFETs, input current sensing and regulation, high-accuracy voltage regulation, and charge termination. The charge current is regulated through integrated sensing resistors. The RT9467 also features USB On-The-Go (OTG) support. RT9467 integrates D+/D- pin for USB host/charging port detection.