Battery Charger
• High-Accuracy Voltage/Current Regulation
• Average Input Current Regulation (AICR) : 0.1A to 3.25A in 50mA steps
• Charge Current Regulation Accuracy : ± 7%
• Charge Voltage Regulation Accuracy : ±1% (0 -85°C)
• Battery Temperature Sensing
• Synchronous 1.5Mz/0.75MHz Fixed-Frequency PWM Controller with up to 95% Duty Cycle
• Thermal Regulation and Protection
• Over-Temperature Protection
• Input Over-Voltage Protection
• IRQ Output for Communication via I2C
• Automatic Charging
• BATFET Control to Support Ship Mode, Wake Up,and Full System Reset
• Resistance Compensation from Charger Output to Cell Terminal
• USB OTG Output Voltage Range : 4.4255V to 5.5825V and Output Current : 2A
• D+/D- Detection for BC1.2
• Integrated ADCs for System Monitoring (Charger Current, Voltage, and Temperature,)
• JEITA Thermal Comparator Accuracy ± 1%VTS
• Low Battery Protection from 2.3V to 3.8V for Boost Operation
• Initial VOREG Set for Relieve Battery Protection
• External OVP MOSFET Driving for Higher Surge application, up to AMR 28V

• PD-Compatible Dual-Role
• Attach/Detach Detection as Host, Device or Dual- Role Port
• Current Capability Definition and Detection
• Cable Recognition
• Alternate Mode Supported
• Supports VCONN with Programmable Over-Current Protection (OCP)
• Dead Battery Support
• Ultra-Low Power Mode for Attach Detection (


• Cellular Telephones
• Personal Information Appliances
• Tablet PCs
• Portable Instruments


The RT5081 is a highly-integrated smart power management IC, which includes a single cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer switching battery charger, a USB Type-C & Power Delivery (PD) controller, dual Flash LED current sources, a RGB LED driver, a backlight WLED driver, a display bias driver and a general LDO for portable devices.