NXP TEA19161T + TEA19162T + TEA1995T電源::熱點頻道::大聯大控股


NXP TEA19161T + TEA19162T + TEA1995T



‧Different conversion modes to enable highest efficiency over the complete load range
‧(High Power, Low Power & Burst Mode)
‧Low no-load power (<75mW)
‧Meets EuP lot 6 easily
‧Capacitive mode prevention (LLC)
‧Extensive Protections (OVP, OCP, OPP, UVP, OTP)
‧Active X-cap discharge (PFC)


‧AIO PC Power
‧Monitor Power
‧TV Power


NXP’s new DCM PFC + LLC +SR resonant controller is based on NXP’s novel cycle-by-cycle architecture (capacitive control). The part will be released as a combo in a separate SO8 and SO16 package.
The combo controller features very high efficiency at light load (10% - 30%) to be compliant with tomorrow’s energy efficiency regulations (Energy Star v6, CoC tier 2, 80+ Platinum). The TEA1916 also features low no-load power below 75mW and meets EuP lot6. The LLC resonant topology makes it easier to meet Common Mode Noise requirements and 200% peak power requirements (compared to flyback)
Last but not least the part guarantees ease of design while supporting accurate burst mode and reduced audible noise.