* Support NVIDIA’s Open VReg Type 4i+ PWMVID Technology
* SMBus Interface for Performance and Efficiency Optimization
* Dynamic Programmable VR Parameters
* Programmable Protection Thresholds
* VR Output Reporting
* Selectable 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1-Phase Operation by Hardware Setting
* Support up to 2MHz Operation Frequency
* REFOUT Reference Voltage for Advanced Dr.MOS Power Module with
Current Reporting Function(DrMOS)
* Auto-Phase Shedding
* Adjustable Soft-Start Time
* Power State Input (PSI)
* Power Good Indication
* Channel Current Limit Protection
* Total Output Current Protection
* Over/Under Voltage Protection
* Over Temperature Protection
* RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free

The uP9512 supports NVIDIA Open Voltage Regulator type 4i+
with PWMVID feature. The PWMVID input is buffered and
filtered to generate accurate reference voltage and the output
voltage is precisely regulated to the reference input.
The integrated SMBus interface provides user the flexibility to
optimize the performance and efficiency.

The uP9512 supports Advanced DrMOS power module with
current reporting function (DrMOS) application. The REFOUT
provides an input reference voltage for DrMOS's REFIN pin.
The uP9512 uses the current reporting signal of DrMOS for
channel current balancing. The uP9512 also provides hardware
setting to adjust the operating phase number in different load current state.


Middle-High End GPU Core Power Supplies