Power system:
Input voltage — 3V to 28V
Integrated bootstrap switch
Programmable LDO output — 200mA
1% reference tolerance -40 to +85 °C
Selectable internal/external bias power supply
EcoSpeedTM architecture with pseudo-fixed frequency adaptive on-time control
The SC417/SC427 supports using standard capacitor types such as electrolytic or special polymer, in addition to ceramic, at switching frequencies up to 1MHz. The programmable frequency, synchronous operation, and selectable power-save provide high efficiency operation over a wide load range. In power-save mode, the minimum operating frequency for the SC417 is 25kHz whereas the SC427 has no minimum.


Office automation and computing
Networking and telecommunication equipment
Point-of-load power supplies and module replacement.


SC417 / SC427是一款獨立的同步EcoSpeedTM降壓穩壓器,採用了Semtech先進的專利自適應導通時間控制架構,可提供出色的輕載效率和快速瞬態響應。 它具有集成功率MOSFET,自舉開關和5x5mm封裝的可編程LDO。 該器件是高效的,並且對於總轉換器解決方案使用最小的15x20mm PCB面積。