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High-density power driver - high voltage full bridge with integrated gate driver



 Power system-in-package integrating gate drivers and high-voltage power MOSFETs
– Low RDS(on) = 320 mΩ
– BVDSS = 600 V
 Suitable for operating as
– Full bridge
– Dual independent half bridges
 Wide driver supply voltage down to 6.5 V
 UVLO protection on supply voltage
 3.3 V to 15 V compatible inputs with hysteresis and pull-down
 Interlocking function to prevent cross conduction
 Internal bootstrap diode
 Outputs in phase with inputs
 Very compact and simplified layout
 Flexible, easy and fast design


 Motor drivers for industrial and home appliances
 Factory automation
 Fans and pumps
 HID, ballasts
 Power supply units
 DC-DC and DC-AC converters


The PWD13F60 is a high-density power driver integrating gate drivers and four N-channel power MOSFETs in dual half bridge configuration.

The integrated power MOSFETs have low RDS(on) of 320 mΩ and 600 V drain-source breakdown voltage, while the embedded gate drivers high side can be easily supplied by the integrated bootstrap diode. The high integration of the device allows to efficiently drive loads in a tiny space.

The PWD13F60 device accepts a supply voltage(VCC) extending over a wide range and is protected by means of low-voltage UVLO detection on the supply voltage.

The input pins extended range allows an easy interfacing with microcontrollers, DSP units or Hall effect sensors.

The device is available in a compact VFQFPN package.