TOSHIBA HDMI_DSI dual port Mobile Peripheral Devices TC358870XBGVR 虛擬實境::熱點頻道::大聯大控股


TOSHIBA HDMI_DSI dual port Mobile Peripheral Devices TC358870XBG



‧ HDMI-RX Interface HDMI 1.4b - Video Formats Support (Up to 4K×2K / 30fps), maximum 24 bps (bit-per-pixel) no deepcolor support
‧ DSI TX Interface MIPI DSI compliant (Version 1.1 22 November 2011)
‧ Dual links DSI (DSI0 and DSI1), each link supports


‧VR一DSI 面板支持


TC358870XBG, Ultra HD to DSI, bridge converts high resolution (higherthan 4 Gbps) HDMI® stream to MIPI® DSI Tx video. It is a follow up device of TC358779XBG, without scalar functionality. The HDMI-RX runs at 297MHz to carry up to 7.2 Gbps video stream. It requires dual link MIPI DSI Tx,1 Gbps/data lane, to transmit out a maximum 7.2 Gbps video data.The bridge chip is necessary for current and next generation Application Processors to drive a (dual) DSI link display by using its HDMI Tx output port.