UP9509PUSB 傳輸應用::熱點頻道::大聯大控股





* Support NVIDIA’s Open VReg Type-2+ PWMVID Technology
* Wide Input Voltage Range 4.5V ~ 26V
* Robust Constant On-Time Control
* 3/2/1 Phase Operation
* Two Integrated MOSFET Drivers with Shoot-Through Protection and
Internal Bootstrap Schottky Diode
* Adjustable Current Balancing by RDS(ON) Current Sensing
* Adjustable Operation Frequency
* External Compensation
* Dynamic Output Voltage Adjustment
* Adjustable Per-Phase Over Current Limit
* Adjustable Soft-Start Time
* Power Good Indication
* Over Voltage Protection
* Under Voltage Protection
* Over Temperature Protection
* RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free

The uP9509 adopts proprietary RCOT TM technology,
providing flexible selection of output LC filter and excellent
transient response to load and line change.
The uP9509 supports NVIDIA Open Voltage Regulator-2+
with PWMVID feature. The PWMVID input is buffered and
filtered to generate accurate reference voltage, and the
output voltage is precisely regulated to the reference input.
The uP9509 integrates two bootstrapped MOSFET gate
drivers and one PWM output achieving optimal balance
between cost and flexibility. The uP9509 uses MOSFET
RDS(ON) current sensing for channel current balance.


* Middle-High End GPU Core Power
* High End Desktop PC Memory Core Power
* Low Output Voltage, High Power Density DC-DC Converters
* Voltage Regulator Modules