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Ultra-low Power RF Microcontroller: AX8052F143



SoC Ultra-Low Power RF-Microcontroller for RF Carrier Frequencies in the Range 27 - 1050 MHz
•Ultra−low Power MCU Core Compatible with Industry Standard 8052 Instruction Set
• Down to 500 nA Wake−up Current
• 64 kByte In−system Programmable FLASH, 8.25 kByte SRAM
•10−bit 500 ksample/s Analog−to−Digital Converter


•27−1050 MHz Licensed and Unlicensed Radio Systems
•Internet of Things
•Automatic meter reading (AMR)


The AX8052F143 is a one chip solution compatible with many standard applications in the Internet of Things. A sensitivity of -126 dBm at 868 MHz and 1.2 kbps with a current consumption of only 9.5 mA make the AX8052F143 an outstanding device in its field. The low phase noise and high efficiency 16 dBm transmitter are obvious features. Data-rates range from 0.1 to 125 kbps. The frequency range from 27 MHz to 1050 MHz allows this RF-microcontroller to be the ideal device for many applications including automatic meter reading and security. The average 4.5 µA duty-cycle recieve current is just one of the many outstanding parameters.