SR MOS工业电子::热点频道::大联大控股





• Vds: 20V~250V
• Package outline:
• Pb-free plating; RoHS complaint; HF
• Highest power density due to extremely low on-state resistance
• Cost saving due to smaller heat sinks
• Board space savings of up to 50 %
• High current capability
offering the lowest RDS(on) and Figure of Merit (FOM) in all voltage classes


• PC power supplies
• Server power supplies
• Telecom power supplies
• TV power
• AC-DC adapter


A Mosfet (sync. FET) replaces a diode in rectify circuit.
The sync. FET has NO control function.
With a gate-source short on the syn. FET, the system stays electrically function.
Inductive energy is now triggering a LC oscillation circuit and forcing the stored energy in the stray inductances Lstray then to be transferred to Coss so therefore product the turn off overvoltage spike.
The LC circuit is defined by the inductance of the transformer, the layout, the package and the MOSFET Coss