• High efficiency synchronous rectification of AC input
• Supports both Direct and Indirect Charging applications
• Supports WPC Qi® compliant and non-compliant systems
• Low Rds-on rectifier switches
• High voltage input for higher power systems
• Up to 20W+ Output
• >98% efficiency at high currents
• Integrated switches for load modulation
• Integrated switch for battery disconnect
• Integrated precharge current source
• 50mA output low Iq LDO
• Analog mux for ADC sensing
• Supply Under Voltage Lockout
• Low external component count
• Ultra-low standby quiescent current
• Junction operating temperature -40C to 125C
The TS51111 includes several additional modules to allow simple
integration into wireless power systems. Integrated resistor dividers
with zero-current off-mode allow external ADC measurement of
PDC, PACKP, USB and thermistor voltages. High voltage switches are
included for communication modulation.
Power to an external controller is provided through an integrated
LDO. The ultra-low quiescent current regulator can supply high
output currents at low dropout with minimal current draw from the
Available in a 45 pin WCSP and 36 pin 6x6 QFN package.


• Cell Phones and Smart Phones
• Tablet Computers
• eReaders
• Laptop Computers
• Small Digital Cameras
• Portable Video Recorders
• Wireless charging for portable devices