LITTELFUSE - 0603L Series SMT PPTC & 0603L100SL LoRho Series SMT PPTC智慧傳輸::熱點頻道::大聯大控股


LITTELFUSE - 0603L Series SMT PPTC & 0603L100SL LoRho Series SMT PPTC



0603L Series SMT PPTC
‧RoHS compliant and lead-free
‧Fast response to fault currents
‧Compact design saves board space
‧Low resistance
‧Compatible with high temperature solders
0603L100SL - LoRho Series
‧A very thin height profile makes the series suitable for use in compact portable electronics.
‧Fast response to fault currents provides secure protection for sensitive electronic products.
‧By resetting automatically, they provide a low maintenance alternative to one-time fuses for overcurrent protection.
‧RoHS compliant, lead free, halogen free, and UL and TUV recognized, ensuring they are environmentally friendly and compliant with international safety standards


‧Wearable devices
‧Handheld devices: smartphones, MP3 Players, digital cameras, video cameras, e-readers
‧Computer and peripherals: desktop and notebook computers, tablet PCs, audio/data/video cards, LCD and LED displays, USB thumb drives and data storage devices
‧Gaming consoles and accessories


0603L Series SMT PPTC - The 0603L Series PTC provides surface mount overcurrent protection for applications where space is at a premium and resettable protection is desired.

0603L100SL - LoRho Series - LoRho Surface Mount PPTC Resettable Fuse Series provides fast overcurrent protection with ultra-low internal resistance, voltage drop and power dissipation. It is designed for high speed overcurrent protection against fault current surges in applications that demand ultra-low internal resistance, ultra-low voltage drop and low power dissipation.