LITTELFUSE -1200 V 600 A IGBT Module - MG12600WB-BR2MM Series工业电子::热点频道::大联大控股


LITTELFUSE -1200 V 600 A IGBT Module - MG12600WB-BR2MM Series



‧Trench-gate field stop IGBT technology
‧Low saturation voltage and positive temperature coefficient
‧Fast switching and short tail current
‧Free wheeling diodes with fast and soft reverse recovery
‧Temperature sense included
‧TJ max = 175 °C


‧Industrial and servo drives
‧Solar inverters
‧High-power converters


Littelfuse IGBT modules offer high efficiency and fast switching speeds of modern IGBT technology in a robust and flexible format. Used for power control applications, Littelfuse offers an expanded portfolio of IGBT modules for flexible and efficient motor control and inverter applications.

Both standard and customized solutions are available to meet circuit designers’ exacting performance standards.