Line Card



【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

- Microsoft WLP 3/4 premium logo complian.
- 4 Channels (2 stereo DACs and 2 stereo ADCs) with 24-bit resolution.
- Optimized and flexible power management with pop/click mitigation.
- 2 independent S/PDIF Output converters for WLP compliant HDMI/SPDIF support.
- Digital microphone input.
- Integrated headphone amp.
- Sample rates up to 192kH.
- +3.3 V, +4 V, +4.75 V and +5 V analog power supply options.


PC Audio CODEC for HDA interface.


The 92HD71B codecs are low power optimized, high fidelity, 4-channel audio codecs compatible with Intel's High Definition (HD) Audio Interface.
The 92HD71B codecs provide stereo 24-bit resolution with sample rates up to 192kHz. Dual SPDIF provides connectivity to consumer electronic equipment that is WLP complaint. The 92HD71B ncorporates IDT's proprietary technology to achieve a DAC SNR in excess of 100dB. The 92HD71B provides high quality, HD Audio capability to notebook and business desktop PC applications.