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【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

The SiI9290 is an ultra low BOM cost bridge designed to transcode MHL™ audio/video packets and control bus commands to HDMI compliant output signals for DTV connectivity. Together with its companion MHL transmitters, the SiI9290 delivers a low cost, high-definition, low pin count, HDMI-compliant DTV connectivity solution to the mobile electronics world.

• DVI 1.0*
• Simplay HD
• HDCP 1.2*
• With companion MHL Transmitter

Digital Video Output
• Integrated TMDS core
- HDMI Output – Four differential pairs, 1 clock and 3 data
• DTV resolution support - 480i/576i/480p/576p/720p/1080i
• PC resolution support - VGA/XGA/SXGA
• HDMI compliant DDC and CEC signals

Digital Video Input
• Integrated TMDS core
- MHL Input - Two differential pairs, one clock and 1 data

Single-Wire Control Bus
• High speed single wire bus carrying all HDMI DDC and CEC commands

CE Control (CEC)
• Dedicated CEC signal output
• Integrated hardware arbitration logic offloads local CPU overhead

MHL Transcode Engine
• Integrated hardware logic automatically convert MHL audio/video packets to HDMI compliant audio/video packets
• Integrated decoding logic transcode MHL control bus commands to HDMI compliant
DDC and CEC commands

Power Management
• 1.8V and 3.3V cores for low-power operation
• Flexible power-down modes

• 48-pin LQFP (7mm x 7mm footprint)

Operating Range
• 0C° to +70C° temperature support


Mobile Phones/Cameras