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【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

The new InstaPort released by Silicon Image can intelligently process the channel changing delay on HDMI TV, reducing time needed to store digital information of different sources. Other than this new technology, Silicon Image also releases the co-processors (Silicon Image Sil9285, Sil9287, Sil9251, Sil9261), and MHL. Sil9287 co-processor can reduces the time needed for changing between signal sources (E.g. Digital Recorder, Blue Ray disc player, gaming console and STB) to lesser than 1 second. Moreover, the in-built InstaPort and NHL technology of Sil9285 and Sil9287 can provide high graphic quality motion set up link up capability. The 4 channels 170MHz, 36-bit resolution color input processor Sil9251 and Sil9261 which is suitabl for Digital TV (DTV) and audio/video (AVR) application, can improve aspect ratio and quality of digitized content.

Industry-Standard Compliance
• HDMI 1.3
• DVI 1.0
• EIA/CEA-861D
• HDCP 1.1
• TMDS Transmitter @ 225MHz

• InstaPort™ technology for fast port switching on two HDMI ports
• Four HDMI/MHL inputs
• Supports DTV resolutions up to 1080p @ 60Hz or 720p/1080i @ 120Hz with 36-bit color depth
• Supports DTV resolutions up to 1080p @ 30Hz or 720/1080i @ 60Hz with 24 bits color depth with MHL inputs
• Integrated EDID for each HDMI Port and VGA port
• Integrated CEC Consumer Electronics Control

System Operation
• Register-programmable via slave I2C interface

Content Protection
• Integrated HDCP cipher engine
• Built-in HDCP BIST
• Pre-programmed HDCP keys:
- Simplify manufacturing process
- Provide extremely secure solution
- Lower system, manufacturing costs
• Built-in HDCP self-test

Power Management
• Low stand by power mode with auxiliary power mode for CEC and EDID support

• 72-pin QFN


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