Line Card

XLamp® Color LED


【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

.Small optical source
.Better placement tolerance between LED die
.Single point source of light better emulates the look of traditional light sources (less “pixels”)

.Cree Announces Industry's First Red-Green-Blue-White Multichip LED and XLamp® Color LED Performance Breakthrough
.Provides up to 500 lm @ 700 mA per die
.Unique package offering
.Reduces space between color LED die to almost nothing
-Small optics center for efficient color mixing
-Reduces number of optics
.Lower system component count can reduce total system complexity & cost


-Applications requiring color changing solution with high lumen output from a small source
.Specific Target Application
- Stage and Studio lighting
.Intensity, color, pattern and focus
- Retail Spot and display lighting
.Intensity, Color and Focus
- Architectural lighting
.Color changing fixture