Line Card



【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

41 uA average supply current with 1 s response time
2 uA Standby Current
Variable low power mode response time (32 ms – 4 s)
Rejects unwanted multi-key detections from EMI events such as PA bursts or user handling
Ongoing pad analysis and detection is not reset by EMI events
Data is buffered in a FIFO for shortest access time
/IRQ output advises when FIFO has data
System can set interrupt behavior as immediate after event, or program a minimum time between successive interrupts
Current rotary position is always available on demand for pollingbased systems
Sounder output can be enabled to generate key-click sound when rotary is touched
Two hardware selectable I2C addresses allowing two devices on a single I2C bus
-40° C to +85° C operating temperature range
The MPR083 is an Inter-Integrated Circuit Communication (I2C) driven Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller, optimized to manage an 8-position rotary shaped capacitive array. The device can accommodate a wide range of implementations through 3 output mechanisms, and many configurable options.


‧ Appliances
‧ PC Peripherals
‧ Access Controls
‧ MP3 Players
‧ Remote Controls
‧ Mobile Phones