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ADSP-BF561: Blackfin Symmetric Multi-Processor for Consumer Multimedia


【Basic Info】

【Product Feature】

* Dual Blackfin cores with each core capable of 600 MHz/1200 MMACs (2400 MMACs total) for demanding signal processing applications.
* Large On-Chip Memory of 328 KBytes – arranged as individual L1 memory systems for each core plus a shared L2 memory space.
* High data throughput tailored for the needs of imaging and consumer multimedia applications.
* Application Tuned Peripherals provide glueless connectivity to a variety of audio/video converters and general-purpose ADCs/DACs.
Clock Speed MHz (Max) 600MHz
MMACS (Max) 2400
RAM Memory (kBytes) 328
External Memory Bus 32bit
Parallel Periph Interface Yes
USB Device No
UARTs, Timers Yes
Watchdog Timer, RTC Yes,No
Core Voltage (V) 0.8-1.35
Core Voltage Regulation Yes
Package 297-PBGA,CSP_BGA


* Digital Still Cameras
* Digital Video Cameras
* Portable Media Players
* Digital Video Recorders
* Industrial and Instrumentation
* Set Top Boxes
* Consumer Multimedia
* Automotive Vision Systems
* Broadband Wireless Systems


The Blackfin® Processor family expands the performance envelope with the ADSP-BF561. With two high performance Blackfin Processor cores, flexible cache architecture, enhanced DMA subsystem, and Dynamic Power Management (DPM) functionality, the ADSP-BF561 can support complex control and signal processing tasks while maintaining extremely high data throughput.
The ADSP-BF561 is a functional extension of the popular Blackfin Processor family and is ideally suited for a broad range of industrial, instrumentation, medical, and consumer appliance applications—allowing for scalability based upon the required data bandwidth and mix of control, plus signal processing needed in the end product.