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WPG (3702 TT) Reports October 2012 Consolidated Sales of NT$29.97 Billion, +8.1% YoY. YTD Consolidated Sales of 2012 Reaches NT$300 Billion, +8% YoY.


WPG (3702 TT) Reports October2012 Consolidated Sales of NT$29.97Billion, +8.1% YoY. YTD Consolidated Sales of 2012 Reaches NT$300Billion, +8% YoY.

Date: 2012/11/13
Taipei, Taiwan


With fewer working days in China due to Its October golden week holiday,WPG, the largest distributor of semiconductor components in Asia, reported October 2012 consolidated sales ofNT$29.97billion, an8.1% increase over previous year’s 27.72 billion, in line with expectation; YTD consolidated sales of 2012 reached NT$300.01billion, an8% increase over 2011’s NT$277.94billion. It advanced one month to reach NT$300 billion compare to previous year.


The sales breakdowns by regions are 79% from China (incl. HK), 13% from Taiwan, 6% from ASEAN and 2% from others.



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