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Molex Buys Fuchigami Micro to Bolster Micro Product Leadership


Molex Incorporated announced that it has acquired Fuchigami Micro. Based in Kagoshima, Japan, Fuchigami Micro is known in advanced technical circles for its ability to solve unique problems with custom electro-mechanical components of the smallest size. Key markets include hard disc drive components, semi-conductor leadframes and other components using hybrid composite materials. To accommodate Fuchigami Micro's diverse business, Molex has created a new business unit within its Micro Products Division. Named after the town in Kagoshima where it is located, the new business unit is called Molex Kiire. Capabilities include photolithography, micro-etch and unique thermal dissipation technology.

Initially, Molex Kiire's resources will focus on supporting Fuchigami customer projects and also on continuing to support Molex's Micro Product Division in its efforts to create ever-smaller solutions for portable product customers. "Fuchigami Micro's capability will help us to exceed the in-house limits of our micro connector development." said Hirokazu Suzuki, the vice president of engineering in Molex's Micro Division. Since the majority of their solutions are highly-advanced and custom in nature, Molex Kiire will service its market through Fuchigami's established project management structure for the foreseeable future.

The acquisition of Fuchigami Micro highlights Molex's willingness to continue to invest in innovative technologies during difficult market conditions.