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NXP unveils suite of efficient power supply products including GreenChip PFC and SR controllers
Highly efficient power management solutions now available to broader market


NXP Semiconductors, the independent semiconductor company founded by Philips, unveiled a suite of new power management solutions that will reduce power consumption in desktop PCs and laptops for the mass market. The highly efficient GreenChip PFC, GreenChip SR controllers and a portfolio of 30V power MOSFETs in LFPAK will be showcased at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) in Washington D.C. in February.

With this series of products NXP is demonstrating its continued investment in the development of more energy efficient solutions like the GreenChip family and the trend towards higher efficiency power, resulting in smarter ICs that enable energy saving in end products. “Every additional 1% increase in efficiency can make or break a product and we strive to lead the market in cost efficient, scalable products that are inevitably better for the environment by requiring less power and generate less heat resulting in a 20-30% improved efficiency.” said Edwin Kluter, marketing director, Power Solutions, NXP Semiconductors.

GreenChip Power Factor Correction (PFC)
Reusing the high efficiency standards in PC notebook adapter, the integrated PFC function of the GreenChip III adapter chip enables highest possible efficiency for 75W-600W power supplies found in computing, consumer and industrial power supplies. By introducing the TEA1742 GreenChip standalone PFC functionality, NXP now completes their system solution for high efficient PC Power supplies complying to 80PLUS® Gold standard

Using the combination of high voltage SOI (EZ-HV) processes and GreenChip application circuit patents to set the standard for efficiency in PFC, the GreenChip PFC features patented Dual boost PFC with accurate output voltage ensuring maximum efficiency for all mains ranges at lowest possible cost. It also features valley/zero voltage switching for minimum switching losses and a quasi resonant operation (Boundary Conduction Mode) for maximum efficiency by means of demagnetization detection.

GreenChip Synchronous Rectification (SR) Controller
A highly integrated solution to replace energy inefficient diode rectification circuits with cost efficient IC implementation. The GreenChip SR TEA1791 enables the simpler implementation of synchronous rectification in power supplies, fully compatible with the GreenChip or any other power supply controller. The GreenChip SR saves significant component count and is more reliable than a discrete solution.

This chip features a small PCB footprint (S08) and silicon on insulator technology creating a highly robust, highly integrated solution with a wider operating voltage range. With strong drive capability, high driver-output voltage (10 V) for compatibility with NXP and all other MOSFETs. It has robust operation and a wide VCC range (8.5 to 38 V).

“Our engineers were concerned about the reliability of the synchronous rectifier MOSFETs in our 80+ Gold compliant 300W PC power supply reference design. We have found that the best synchronous rectifier controller for the application is a new part from NXP - TEA1791T which allowed us to achieve excellent efficiency safely by ensuring rapid, reliable,turn-off of the rectifier MOSFETs” said Doug Bailey, vice president marketing, Power Integrations.

The GreenChip PC and SR are third generation successors of the successful GreenChip power supply controller family range with over 400 million products in the market. The GreenChip family makes it easier and more cost-effective for power supply manufacturers to comply with energy efficiency specifications such as 80PLUS® and ENERGY STAR®. The GreenChip family of ICs is designed specifically for energy saving and has, from its inception, led industry standards in PC power efficiency.

Trench 6 MOSFET
NXP latest power MOSFETs deliver world class performance enabling superior power efficiency in power supply designs. The 10 new 30V power MOSFETs in LFPAK have an RDSon range from 1.7mOhm to 9mOhm. This provides the designer with a selection of parts in order to choose the optimum combination to achieve maximum system performance for DC-DC power supplies.

Demos will be available at the Applied Power Electronic Conference (APEC) in Washington D.C. from February 15-18, 2009. Additional information about NXP power management solutions is available at: