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TI - Audio Converters and 2-VRMS Line Drivers Enable Crystal-Clear Sound


Texas Instruments Incorporated has extended its audio portfolio with a high-performance, multi-channel Codec, three digital-to-analog converters (DACs) and two pop-free 2-VRMS DirectPath™ line drivers. Energy-efficient designs require systems to shut down and start up more frequently, often creating clicks and pops, which degrade the listening experience. To address these concerns, the DRV603 line driver integrates under voltage protection (UVP) to monitor the supply rail and mute outputs before the rest of the system loses power. Regardless of how the system powers up or browns out, the feature ensures that any pops, clicks or noise created in the rest of the signal chain will be muted, so the user experiences crystal-clear audio. For more information on this product, please see

Key features of the DRV602 and DRV603

  • 2-VRMS output even with 3.3-V power supply
  • Differential inputs
  • Ground reference outputs
  • Variable input gain
  • 106.5 dB SNR (DRV602) and >109 dB SNR (DRV603)

Key benefits

  • Reduces component count and cost
  • Simplifies design with direct connection to high performance DACs and set-top box systems-on-chip
  • Eliminates blocking caps to minimize pop/click, reduce system cost and extend low-frequency response
  • Maximizes design flexibility by allowing connection to DACs of any voltage
  • Enables superior audio performance without signal degradation and meets requirements for HD products like Blue-ray DVD players