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TI Introduces Industry's Fastest 24-bit Delta-Sigma ADC with Speeds Up to 4 MSPS

Precision ADC offers 60 percent faster sample rate than nearest competition

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) introduced the industry's fastest 24-bit delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter (ADC), which delivers speeds of up to four mega samples per second (MSPS) - 60 percent faster than the nearest competition. The ADS1675 features a unique combination of wide bandwidth, outstanding ac and dc performance, and a dual-path digital filter to give greater flexibility to designers of automated test equipment, medical imaging, scientific instrumentation, and test and measurement. The low latency filter path provides 24-bit settling as fast as 2.65 μs, thereby lending itself to fast multiplexed applications. For complete product information, see:

Key Features
  • AC performance: 103 dB of dynamic range at 4 MSPS, 111 dB of dynamic range at 125 kSPS and
  • -107 dB of total harmonic distortion
  • DC accuracy: 3 ppm integral nonlinearity, 4 µV/C offset drift and 4 ppm/C gain drift
  • 575 mW power consumption
  • 2.65 μs latency for 24-bit settling accuracy
  • Simple read-only serial interface with either standard CMOS or serialized LVDS

Key Benefits
  • 60 percent faster sampling rate and 3x faster settling time than the nearest competition
  • Excellent ac performance and dc accuracy operating at speeds up to 4 MSPS enables wide bandwidth conversions with high resolution
  • User selectable dual-path digital filter allows customers to optimize between bandwidth and latency for optimal performance
  • Easily connects to microcontrollers, DSPs or FPGAs
  • Compatible devices to complete the signal chain, including OPA211 as reference driver, THS4503 as input driver and REF5030 as voltage reference