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Renesas Technology Releases Full HD-Compatible R8J66957BG and WXGA-Compatible R8J66955BG SoC Products with Package Among Industry's Smallest Class for North American LCD

Enables simplified development of TV sets and smaller printed circuit boards with support for LCD digital video up to Full HD resolution with one external DRAM device.

Renesas Technology Corp. announced two new system on chip (SoC) devices for use in LCD digital TVs for the North American market that handle the main signal processing tasks from demodulation of digital broadcast signals to signal output to the LCD panel. The R8J66957BG supports Full HD*1 resolution and the R8J66955BG WXGA*2 resolution. Sample shipments will begin on April 8, 2009 in Japan.

These two new products enable the development of TV sets with fewer components by supporting resolutions of up to either Full HD or WXGA with the addition of a single external memory (DRAM) device. They use a package that is among the smallest class in the industry, and this combined with the smaller number of components makes it possible to dramatically reduce the size of the printed circuit board for the signal processing block and thereby lower the total price of the TV set. The features of the R8J66957BG and R8J66955BG are summarized below.
  1. Package among the smallest class in the industry
    These SoC products perform the main signal processing operations for an LCD digital TV and use a PBGA package that is among the smallest in the industry at only 23 mm × 23 mm. This reduces the mounting area required on the printed circuit board in the TV set. In addition, the R8J66957BG and R8J66955BG integrate functions that previously would have required external components, such as USB, sound demodulator, and audio A/D converter. This helps to reduce the total number of components needed.

  2. LCD digital TV processing with only one external DRAM device
    Previously, realizing Full HD resolution required the use of two or more external memory devices. The R8J66957BG and R8J66955BG require only one external memory device, reducing the total number of components and lowering the overall cost of the TV set.

  3. Lineup of two pin-compatible devices supporting WXGA and Full HD, respectively
    The packages of the R8J66955BG, which supports WXGA resolution, and the R8J66957BG, which supports Full HD resolution, are completely pin-compatible. This allows the use of a common development platform for WXGA- and Full HD-compatible TV sets, boosting development efficiency and reducing associated costs.

Product Background

In recent years the popularity of LCD digital TVs has grown within the market for TV sets, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. At the same time, requirements for high picture quality have increased, and demand has grown for devices that enable the development of lower price TV sets. LCD TVs capable of receiving digital broadcasts must be able process and display on the LCD panel a variety of signal types in addition to digital broadcast signals, including analog broadcast signals, input signals from a PC, and composite or component signal from DVD players and the like. In addition to MPEG decoder and Y/C separator functions compatible with a variety of video formats, they must provide functionality such as noise reduction and de-interlacing to deliver a high level of picture quality.

On the other hand, there is strong demand from TV set manufacturers for devices that will enable them to develop at low cost, easily and in a short timeframe a lineup of TV models ranging from low to high resolution. Renesas Technology is introducing the R8J66957BG and R8J66955BG SoC products for LCD TVs in response to this demand. They support resolutions of up to Full HD and require only a single external DRAM device.

Product Details

The R8J66957BG is for TV sets with Full HD resolution and the R8J66955BG for TV sets with WXGA resolution. Both support ATSC signal processing for digital roadcasts and NTSC signal processing for analog broadcasts, which are the video formats used in North America. In addition, they support the component, composite, and S-video interface formats used worldwide. They produce 10-bit low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) as the output to the LCD panel.

Both products also incorporate functions for enhanced picture quality. They have on-chip functions to ensure that the TV set delivers a high-quality picture, including a 3D noise reduction circuit (which prevents flicker by detecting and suppressing noise elements in the analog video signal), 3D deinterlacing, 3D Y/C separator circuit (which separates the luma and chroma signals), and NCM*3 for color management.

Built-in audio processing functions include BTSC, the multiplexing system used in North America, and analog audio input and output.

A one-channel DDR2-SDRAM interface supporting a bus width of 16 bits transfer speed of 800 megabits per second (Mbps) is implemented on-chip to allow connection of an external DRAM device.

The package is a 376-pin PBGA that measures 23 mm × 23 mm, which is among the smallest in the industry for a digital TV signal processing SoC. This contributes to a more compact mounting area on the printed circuit board.

Renesas Technology will continue to develop SoC products in a timely manner to meet the evolving demands of the market.

  1. Full HD: Horizontal resolution of 1,920 pixels and vertical resolution of 1,080 scan lines.
  2. WXGA: Horizontal resolution of 1,366 pixels and vertical resolution of 768 scan lines.
  3. NCM (Natural Color Matrix) is a technology developed by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation that facilitates display color setting and adjustment via individual control of specific colors displayed on the screen.
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Typical Applications

  • LCD digital TVs for the North American market.