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Renesas Technology Singapore Appoints New Managing Director Effective April 1, 2009

Renesas Technology Singapore (RTSP) has announced the appointment of Mr. Shimada Hideyuki as the Managing Director effective 1st April. Mr.Shimada succeeded Mr.Matsuo Yoshinori who had repatriated to Japan for a new assignment in Renesas SP Drivers Inc.

RTSP is the South Asia Headquarters of Renesas Technology Corp. Mr.Shimada will oversee all aspects of Renesas sales and marketing operations in South Asia, India and Oceania, focusing on system LSI (Large Sacle Integrated) products such as microcomputers, logic, analog, discrete, SRAM and E2PROM devices.

Speaking on his appointment, Mr.Shimada said, "Although the global market has been under "the once in 100 years" crisis, there have been several signs of upturn in the market as well. We have seen this up and down, roller-coaster markets in the past. Based on our experience, there is always a chance for recovery and we are sure that our customers will soon need our products. Since there are diversified business opportunities in South Asia, India and Oceania regions, Renesas Technology Singapore will focus to provide the best solution for each and every customer's opportunity in order to satisfy customer's needs. In this way, we can grow our business despite the severe downturn of market."

Before joining RTSP as Managing Director, Mr.Shimada was a Department Manager in Renesas Technology Corp., overseas sales strategic planning of overseas sales company since 2005.

Mr.Shimada has a wealth of sales and marketing experience in semiconductor industries. He started his career with Hitachi Ltd in the Strategic Marketing Department of the Semiconductor Division in 1981.
He was posted to Hitachi America in 1988 for four years where he continued holding a position in strategic marketing. He returned to Hitachi Ltd. in 1992 and a year later was promoted Manager of the Marketing Department. In 2001, Mr.Shimada assumed position of Strategic Planning Manager in Hitachi Semiconductor America, Inc. and joined Renesas Technology America Inc. following the merger of company in 2003. He spent a total of four and a half years in America before returning to Japan in 2005.