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ADI AD5410 / AD5420: Single Channel, 12-Bit, Serial Input, Current Source DAC


What is it?
The AD5420/10 are low-cost, precision, fully integrated 16/12-bit digital-to-analog converters offering a programmable current source output designed to meet the requirements of industrial process control applications. The output current range is programmable to 4mA–20 mA, 0mA–20mA or an over range function of 0mA–24mA. The output is open circuit protected and can drive inductive loads of 1H. The device is specified to operate with a power supply (VCC) range from 10.8 V to 40/60V V. Output loop compliance is 0 V to VCC – 2.5 V. The flexible serial interface comprises of a 3-wire interface which can be used with SPI® or MICROWIRE® microcontrollers' and a 2-wire asynchronous interface which reduces the digital isolation required. The device also includes a power-on-reset function ensuring that the device powers up in a known state and an asynchronous CLEAR pin which sets the outputs to the low end of the selected current range. The total output error is typically 0.1% FSR.

How is it used?
* Distributed Control Systems
* Smart Transmitters
* Actuator Control

What are the key features and customer benefits?
* 16-Bit Resolution and Monotonicity
* Current Output Ranges: 4–20mA, 0–20mA or 0–24mA
* 0.1% Accuracy
* 5ppm/°C Output Drift
* Flexible Serial Digital Interface
* On-Chip Loop Fault Detection
* On-Chip Reference (10 ppm/°C Max)
* Asynchronous CLEAR Function
* Asynchronous Update Facility
* Power Supply (VCC) Range: 10.8V to 40/60 V
* Output Loop Compliance to VCC – 2.5 V
* TSSOP/LFCSP package
* Temperature Range: –40°C to +85°C

End Market:
I & I - Instrumentation; I & I - Industrial

Who are the potential customers?
All Industrial Process Control Manufacturers